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Coming together is a BEGINNING; Keeping together is PROGRESS; Working together is SUCCESS – Henry Ford


Hi, my name is David Adesina, you can call me “Gomínà Dáfídì” and this is my first post on my new website: thedavidadesina.com.ng

I created this platform for a few reasons and as time goes on, I’ll keep unveiling the whole idea in posts and announcements. But for the now, let’s clear some facts from the beginning.

Firstly, I want to specially appreciate the team I have been working with in the past few weeks to bring this project to life:

LordWales – For helping get this domain name and setting up this website/blog for me. I know that I can be really annoying and demanding in my requests, but then you knew that I really needed the challenge to get back on track with my creativity. Thank you very much for the patience you have had with me so far Wale, You deserve all the accolades there is to give.
Banky – For the awesome logo design for The David Adesina brand. You know that you still owe me a couple of designs and I will collect them from you nonetheless. Thank you very much for the patience you have had with me so far Banky, You deserve all the accolades there is to give.
Dami – To say that this dude just started designing not up to three months ago is still a marvel to me. Dami is my official graphics designer and he’ll be majorly responsible for all the creative designs y’all are gonna see on my social media going forward. He’s a really great guy, but his story is up on the menu on another day. Thank you very much for the patience you have had with me so far Dami, You deserve all the accolades there is to give.

Secondly, I want to thank everyone who put in a hand in making the anticipation for the launch of this site, by using the COMING SOON image on various social media platforms. I almost shed tears when I saw different persons using it on their statuses and I didn’t even talk to them about it before nor were we talking anything seriously before then,

That being said, I also want to appreciate everyone that has indicated to feature a post or two on this blog. I get really emotional when people just come straight at me and make some compliments I have never knew could have been attributed to me before. Y’all are the real MVPs.

I believe that if there was a trending list being monitored by WhatsApp especially, I deserved to trend all through Friday evening till yesterday as almost everyone on my contact list were using this picture on their statuses. Some people even took it a step further to make honorable mentions on Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter. I am deeply humbled I do hope to keep up the trust by continually ensuring that the kind of content you find on this platform from today is something you would be proud of anyday, anywhere.

Moving on from there though, this website/blog would not take the shape of something really serious so expect to see some really unserious content here on as time goes on, but that is not to say that the make of the blog contents here would be totally unserious (HELL NO!), there’s alot of seriousness coming through here.

I’m sort of an unserious and lazy writer these days (but #NotALazyNigerianYouth), hence a reason why I have always craved for this kind of platform to show off my skills and creativity with a constant and consistent push.

A few things would keep this blog moving and probably move it into something even bigger than what I envision it right now:

  1. Encouragement – Everyone loves it when they do something and people encourage them for it. No matter how little the word of encouragement is, be rest assured that it is being channeled into making more useful content here on to your viewing and reading pleasure.
  2. Comments – The joys of every creative is that the content they put up on social media or any online platform at all gets comments. I would greatly appreciate regular comments on the content that would be dropped off on this space. It’s what keeps us excited and let’s us know that you were here and you read through the content on the site.
  3. Engagement – Share the posts on social media. There has been added to this blog sharing capacities to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp so you can share it easily on the most accessible platform. Quality Assurance is guaranteed here so be certain that your image won’t be affected by you sharing the content you see here.
  4. Criticism – I as an individual, I’m not perfect; I’m nowhere near someone who is perfect (even though I always try to clear my plates of every grain each time I eat rice, if that counts) so also those who would be contributing to the content on this platform, hence we would love to get useful criticisms of our works so that we can become better. Ronaldo & Messi were not as good as they are right now when they were both 18 years old. They got constant criticisms from friends, teammates, colleagues, superiors, the press and even us, their fans, and that’s played a huge role in getting them to the levels they are now, SO PLEASE AS OUR CONTENT DROPS, PLEASE PICK OUT THE CRITICISMS AND LET US HAVE IT IN THE MOST DIRECT (& CONSTRUCTIVE) MEANS POSSIBLE.
  5. Support – From my experience in this field, one thing that keeps the audiences going is the kind of incentives they get for perusing your contents. Be it a free service/content or something premium, there always has to be a form of incentive drawing people back to the platform.
    Having pointed out this fact, anyone willing to run contests and giveaways on this platform is very welcome as well as they seat well within the confines of the platforms’ values and principles.

I will be the face of the platform obviously, but there are open slots for contributions from other creatives here on. Every form of creative work is welcome: Poems, Stories, Drawings, Videos, Articles, Comedy, Motivationals, etc.

I will ensure that the platform is as people-centric as possible to ensure that no one comes here to feel left out of the fun here. There would be Contests, Giveaways, Quizzes, Riddles, and a whole load of fun stuffs going down on this platform in the coming days and weeks and months.

Personally, I have found a way to link the content from here to my Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn accounts (thanks to LordWales, my web guru) so the content here is also getting to audiences on these platforms so all you need do is be following on either of these platforms and keep up to date with the blog. You should also subscribe for my Regular Newsletter so as not to miss out on latest updates on the blog.

On a final note, like I mentioned earlier on this post, I am trying to get my creative juices back on track and also trying to keep you all engaged here, so my average post after this one might be within the ranges of 150 words to 300 words. I might have the capacity to dish out more on an abnormal day, but on a general note, expect short, interesting posts off here on a regular basis.

Now let’s get to the business of entertaining people and making the online space a conducive place to satisfy their learning urges.

This is coming from me and everyone who would be dropping some sort of content here soon:

We have paid our dues, you have paid our dues, LET’S ALL NOW GET OUR DESERVED ACCOLADES…

Peace Out ;
The David Adesina
(thedavidadesina@gmail.com | hi@thedavidadesina.com.ng)
@thedavidadesina (F|I|L|M|T)