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Efforts and Courage are not enough without PURPOSE and Direction – J. F. Kennedy

If you were given a blank cheque by someone really influential (say Bill Gates, the philanthropist) and asked to make a monetary decision for your future, what would be your choice be? I know that quite a lot of you would go for the big figured amounts in a bid to “firmly secure your future”. But do you know that this is not the way to go?

Robert Bryne once said and I quote: “The Purpose of Life, is a Life of Purpose.

Many people think that money is the key ingredient to securing a good life, but I beg to differ. A life without purpose is like a child on a drum set without any prior knowledge of drumming; the output would be aimless, wasted efforts and time at the end of the entire endeavor.

So instead of pushing yourself towards a wasted endpoint, why not take a minute to re-evaluate where you are now and decide why you are on that path and what you want to make out of it. When you have found that out, then you can now turn your attention to how you can get there.

PURPOSE is the driver of the vehicle: PASSION to the destination: SUCCESS: Find your purpose, tune it into your passion and see yourself becoming a great success in no time.

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The David Adesina
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