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PeeredCamp 4.0 was a lovely experience!


So my PeeredCamp would not be complete if I don’t share this here and I am also using this as a means of reviving my blog and see how I can provide some form of vital information for those who have been following me before now. I promise to make this as brief as I can and to also ensure that the content I let off from now on (both from me and the guest posts) are super quality.

About PeeredCamp

Peered Camp is a peer to peer learning platform for undergraduates, currently organised in Ile-Ife for the undergraduate community of OAU and surrounding institutions. Started in September 2017 by Samuel Adekunle and Tobi Olagoke.
So far, there has been 4 cohorts, with almost 50 undergraduates trained in several skills and many of them have gone on to become well grounded experts in their fields.

The PeeredCamp community students having video session with an industry expert.

Digital Marketing Class

Last year when I first got engaged with PeeredCamp as a Tutor, I didn’t see the seriousness in the opportunity, so I came to the class quite unprepared and looking to catch fun; I didn’t catch the fun ooooo! (But that is a story for another day)
But then, I had an amazing time with my students this cohort (Francis, Jennifer, Tobi, Wemimo & Dami) as well as my co tutor, Tobi Olagoke.
Compared to the last cohort where I had just two steady students and one unsteady student, I think that this cohort had people who had a resolution to get something from the class and it made the learning process quite easy as well as the training process. Also, the infusion of eternal Digital Marketers made the learning process expanded for the students and made them eager to ask pressing questions as they came up.
The response to assignments was also very encouraging and impressive. The students in this cohort were more invested in learning the ropes hands on and they put in the extra time to make it happen.

Work in progress during a very busy day at PeeredCamp. The last cohort had an array of students despite the sessional break in OAU.

Final Words

All in all, I felt like this time around, PeeredCamp was more interesting and more inclusive, there was also the advantage of the workspace provided by the Obafemi Awolowo University, (OAU) which made our work flow and learning process much easier.
I would greatly advise anyone who wishes to learn a soft skill, especially Digital Marketing, Graphics Designing & Branding, Web Development, amongst other, you can reach out to the PeeredCamp team on Social Media (Twitter, Instagram) or WhatsApp. Thank you very much PeeredCamp for the opportunity to invest my knowledge on people in the last one year. I eagerly look towards the next cohort and I hope there is increase both in terms of students and seriousness of the learners amongst many other factors that made this cohort so much fun. This was a 3 week period well spent for me.

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Till I write you once again, I remain yours, David Adesina.