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Nothing makes a great man other than the kind of lifestyle he constantly and consistently portrays and lives by. – TDA (2018)

Over time, I have come to learn that being an influencer is easy, if and only if you choose to stick your guns to a hustle that you are so familiar with that if you are woken up from a bad dream and asked to say something about that field, your response would still be PRICELESS & IMPACTFUL.

For me, I believe that over the last 3-5 years, having consistently made a mark for myself in Digital Marketing and Brand Management, so much so I can claim Influencer status right now in either of both fields.

These days, I have been grossly engaged in managing some brand’s presence online, one of which is Altitude Group and I have not been able to face my personal hustle here, grow my audience and following and network effectively. Irrespective of this gross neglect on my part, I still found out that on every single week, I get no less than 100 new connection requests and messages waiting for my response on LinkedIn, new followers on Instagram and Twitter and friend requests on Facebook even though I am already out of space for new friends.

My point here is this: “You never know where what you know will tear down walls of defenses for you to break new frontiers.”


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