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So recently, myself and a couple of friends were discussing at a canteen and we were having a very informal and jovial conversation. The food was yet to be served, so nobody was really paying much attention to anything serious at the time. Then immediately food came (pounded yam and egusi soup with ‘ogufe’), the entire canteen became silent as hungry men pounced on the food and we all began our individual battles.

“So you use left hand to eat, David?” was the unexpected question someone used to interrupt my amazing feeding session. I simply looked up at the lady that asked and nodded in the affirmative, choosing to continue my food in peace. Seeing that I wasn’t ready to engage her in a conversation, my sister turned to my friend and began to quiz and question him about the usage of my left hand and the characteristics of left handed persons she knew.

Left handed people are rumored to be very brilliant, is it true?

I also heard that they are stubborn, did you know that?

Then I know several left handed persons that are very caring, do you think so too?


I just sat down there, eating my sumptuous meal, pitying my dear friend and ruminating on the questions she was asking him.

What do you think?

What things do you know about Lefties (or South paws, as we have been fondly tagged) cause as a VERY PROUD LEFTIE, I really wanna know!

Do drop your thoughts in the comment section below