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When I joined AIESEC in 2015 in Ife @AIESEC Ife, I didn’t join for the wrong reasons like some of my friends did:

Some joined for pinks, others for blues, and mostly for the booze!

I joined for several personal development reasons and I can say that I lived my #AIESEC dream to the fullest and came through the experience with a better testimony than I envisaged upon entering. I have only one regret though: never mind; send me a DM to find out that detail.

I spent almost 3 years being a volunteer at AIESEC Ife and those years were my most developed years in University as an undergraduate.

I grew from being confident to being Charismatic.

I grew from being idealistic to being strategic.

I grew from being a blogger to being a Digital Marketer.

I grew from being a normal leader to being a leader of global standards.

I grew from being a personality with a handful network to being an ‘All Star’ profile especially on #LinkedIn

It’s being a jolly ride for me being in AIESEC as a volunteer, and I will gladly recommend the experience to another generation.

Volunteering is amazing, especially when it is done in/with an organization that knows and appreciates it’s true essence and value.

Don’t pass up on it when it presents you the opportunity.

Volunteer today! Trust me, it pays.