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A couple of weeks back, popular Nigerian Music artiste, David Adeleke (popularly known as DAVIDO) released a track titled same as this posts’ and days after celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday with a Porsche car gift supposedly rumored to be worth around #45000000.
The news has since gone viral and different persons have come up with varying opinions about the lavish gift and the rationale behind it.


Davido & Chioma

Ladies have since come out to demand their own #ASSURANCE from guys, guys in return have come out with their own views on the act by Davido, calling it various names. Celebrities have also aired their own views on the #DavidoASSURANCE saga.

This post however is not one created to air out my already formed opinion about the daring move by Davido to get his girlfriend a Porsche, as I believe that every man is entitled to act as he likes to his woman based on his capacity and ability and the size of his pocket.

I know a guy who once footed the entire bill of a girl’s birthday; they weren’t dating yet as at the time, but the guy had already made deep advances and had even already asked her out but she was yet to give him an answer. The week after the babe’s birthday, she replied brother… IT WAS A VERY BIG NO, and without any reason at all…
Mi o je gba iru eh! (I can’t accept such!)

However, the real rationale of this post is to know what “ASSURANCE” means to you, in this context; either as a guy or a babe.

What’s that super special thing your partner can do for you that is set to give you a definite level of ASSURANCE about your relationship?

Let’s air our views in the comment section.

Peace Out;
The David Adesina.
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